40 Juvenile Great White Sharks Circling Kayaker in Aptos, SC County

One of Satellite Felton’s dearly appreciated Workstation Unlimited Member’s brought to our attention the high number of great white sharks spotted this weekend near her hometown in Capitola.

This past Saturday, June 23rd, marine biologist caught a Santa Cruz County kayaker cruising the Seacliff State Beach’s surface while 40 juvenile great white sharks did the same beneath the waters surface. According to marine biologists who’ve surveyed the region for years, these fearsome and greatly misunderstood sea creatures have been increasing in large numbers throughout Santa Cruz beaches for the last 4 years. Experts studying great white sharks in Africa, Brazil and Sri Lanka state they’ve never seen such great concentration of great whites as they have in Monterey Bay at this time.

Sooo…as a friendly Satellite Community reminder, don’t forget your sunscreen when going to the beach this summer AND remember who you share our beautiful oceans with might mistake you as a tasty seal…be aware of your surroundings.

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