Buy 1 Month Workstation Unlimited Get 2nd Month Free

The Satellite Felton
August 2018 Special
Buy 1 Month Workstation Unlimited Get 2nd Month Free

A “coworking space” is a place where you can go on a daily basis, sit down at a random table (or a fixed one, in certain places), and enjoy a good internet connection, coffee, a kitchen, and the company of like-minded people. Altogether, it supplies you with an office environment without the necessity of everyone working on the same project, to each his/her own, but together.

The Satellite Felton offers a great opportunity to network and collaborate while avoiding loneliness without necessarily having to “work with” the people you are working with.

Make full use of your coworking center!

As a Workstation Unlimited Member, you may utilize our business address as your own to receive packages and meet clients. Workstation Unlimited memberships offer monthly reservation credits for use of our in-house Conference Room, Phone Cubes or Event Space that can extend your business performance and provide extra level of quality in the delivery of your business.

Call Maria to sign up or schedule a tour and receive a FREE day pass.