Meet Our Team

Maria Payes
Community Manager & Documentarian

Maria grew up in a metropolitan city, but later in life moved to a smaller community while studying anthropology at UCSC. This move broadened her awareness of the diversity of humanity and strengthened her core belief that community and environment play an important role in ones sense of joy and productivity. She is excited to deliver these qualities to her members in Felton while getting to know people to further create/develop the type of workplace that best supports their productivity and hones their skills.

Barbara Sprenger
Chief Executive Officer

Barbara has 23 years experience in starting, managing & growing profitable companies. She founded an engineering & manufacturing company, taking it international & selling the company to an Ohio-based multinational. She has a strong background in real estate investment & green building. Barbara holds a BA with highest honors in Economics & Master of Public Policy degree. Her passion is in building & supporting community.

Ken Meshke
Director of Facilities

Co-founder and successful entrepreneur with over 27 years experience in operations, engineering, manufacturing and sales and commercial real estate investment, development and construction.

Jay Smith
IT Manager

Jay keeps the tech world of The Satellite humming, from broadband to data networks to cloud infrastructure to videoconferences and VoIP phones. Raised in Chicago, he started a small computer company years ago, learning on the job. He’s run IT for motorhome dealerships and dabbled in the logging industry. Have you seen some of the gorgeous woodwork at The Satellite Santa Monica from his milling efforts?