Free Second Saturdays at Redwood State Parks

Henry Cowell Redwood State Park
101 N Big Trees Park Rd
Felton, CA 95018
(831) 335-4598

All are welcome

Remaining dates for 2018:
July 14 | Aug. 11 | Sep. 8 | Oct. 13 | Nov. 10 | Dec. 8

What is the objective of Free Second Saturdays at Redwood State Parks?

The redwood forest is one of the world’s most beloved treasures. They are an iconic part of California’s identity and a source of national pride, international recognition and awe. Millions of visitors from across the globe embrace the opportunity to connect with this landscape like no other.
In 2018, Save the Redwoods League is celebrating its Centennial.
As a way to celebrate redwoods and our Centennial, the League is providing free admission to more than 40 redwood state parks every second Saturday of each month throughout the year.
The chief goal is to connect people with these natural legacies for the first time or to rekindle their love for them. Free Second Saturdays are gifts to those who love and care for redwoods.
Home to the tallest and largest trees on the planet, the redwood forests are also the world’s most effective carbon sink, sequestering three times more carbon per acre than any other known ecosystems. These are the greatest forests in the world.

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