Parents’ Nook at The Satellite Felton

6265 Highway 9
Felton, CA 95018
Tuesday, November 20th
Wednesday, November 21st
09:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Parents’ Nook is a project to make parents’ life a little more comfortable and efficient through on-demand parent care service.

We invite parents to come and spend a few moments of their time all to themselves. Sip on a cup of coffee, spend time with other like-minded parents, work peacefully on your passion, or finish creating that app which you have been working on for a while, or just sit and have breakfast in a corner, getting yourself that much needed “ME” time that will charge you enough for the whole day.

Kids can play freely nearby. There will be play experts to take care of kids as they explore their playthings. Let the kids PLAY uninitiated and create something totally NEW which even parents can’t imagine. We want them to explore, create, and imagine.

Intro Rates:
1 child: $24/ 3 hours
Additional sibling: $12/3 hours

Coworking Discounted Rates:
Cafe Space per parent: $13.60/half-day
Workstation per parent: $20/half-day

For more questions on this event, check out Parents’ Nook on facebook. For more information about the Satellite Felton, contact Maria at The Satellite Felton.