San Bushman Art Exhibit and Sale

Felton First Friday Art Walk: The Naro and Dcui San Groups

The Satellite Felton
Friday Nov. 3, 2017
All are Welcome!

Please visit the Felton First Friday Art Walk, and Kalaharisan websites to learn more about the artists and auction.

The Satellite Felton is currently hosting original paintings by San Bushman Artist, which MAH, Santa Cruz, will be holding a live auction for on November 10th, 2017. Naro and Dcui San artist –-a community of people who are thought to be the closest living relatives to ancestors of the entire modern world– have been painting memories of life long ago as well as scenes from their present lives. The traditional San way of living has been eroded by urban development, yet they strive to maintain their cultural values. Despite such challenges, joy and vibrancy come through in San art. Art tells their story, in its own way. Art keeps culture alive for future generations and gives hope for all. Art is a bright light and a refuge for San people–both emotionally and financially.