Sneak Preview at Inner Light! BUCKY a Fuller Future

Inner Light Ministries 5630 Soquel Dr, Soquel, CA 95073
March 23rd 7:00 pm
Call hotline: 831-238-1234
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Bucky Fuller

He is the Grandfather of the modern Green movement, and gave us the world’s first “green” automobile… in 1933! He invented the Geodesic Dome, the world’s largest self supporting structure, and revolutionized the practice of architecture worldwide by incorporating sustainability into his designs. He was the first to say: “there IS enough for everyone everywhere in the world”, and to teach us to think critically about how to create a sustainable future. His life demonstrated the power that a single individual has to change the world. It’s time to put his “Critical Path” message out front again. Help us introduce him to a new generation! In 1927 R. Buckminster Fuller had lost his four year old daughter, Alexandra, to Polio, lost his job, and nearly everything else. He experienced a level of desperation few of us will ever know, ultimately deciding to throw himself off a cliff and end his life. However, literally seconds before flinging himself over the edge, he had an intense mystical experience: awakening from it, he realized that he could not justify killing himself until he had done everything he could do to see what one person could contribute to the betterment of humanity… and for the next fifty years that’s exactly what he did.

BUCKY is his story.

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